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Car not starting help pleasešŸ˜­

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Hi all

I have come up with a problem with my Glanza.

basicaly I have put a new engine in replaced the head.Ā new belt, water pump ,tensioner ,head gasket and headbolts. Timing has been checked multiple times all goodĀ 

Put a new distributer cap, rotor are ,coil pack, et leads andĀ king lead all genuine parts. The car was running perfectly fine then my mot finished so put the car away for 3 month after that I tried starting no start .

I have checked for spark it has spark from coil to distributer from distributer to et lead but no spark from et lead to spark plug .

Fuel is there injectors have been checked file pump is working and has fuel.

please help any IdeasĀ 

Thanks sorry forgot long write up really stressedĀ 


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check your rotor arm inside the distributor cap mate, maybe there is corrosion or its not touching the end when rotation. or just the leads has gone bad.


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