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Hi all 

Is there anyone using or at least willing to help with knowledge to read compressor maps so as to tell which one fits better to our 4efte little engine? Gtx2867r gen2 or g25-550? Now for the last 10 years I ve been using a precision ptb205-4828 with a .48 t3 hot side housing, fully forged engine with 265 cams, producing successfully 330hp. Attached the maps and exhaust flow diagrams of both. Also my dyno sheet with the old .48 housing.

After a recent rebuild found cracks to the turbo housing so after lots of lots of research I found a .63 housing BUT with a result of all the behaviour of the car changed to too laggy and even less powerful as a feeling and as a fuel correction needed to the fuel map, lower rpm and higher rpm too.

Even better if someone is already using one of these.

Thanks a lot for your time






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