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  1. Hi all Is there anyone using or at least willing to help with knowledge to read compressor maps so as to tell which one fits better to our 4efte little engine? Gtx2867r gen2 or g25-550? Now for the last 10 years I ve been using a precision ptb205-4828 with a .48 t3 hot side housing, fully forged engine with 265 cams, producing successfully 330hp. Attached the maps and exhaust flow diagrams of both. Also my dyno sheet with the old .48 housing. After a recent rebuild found cracks to the turbo housing so after lots of lots of research I found a .63 housing BUT with a result of all the
  2. Hi! Do you maybe still have this housing? I need a housing, my turbo is fine and my housing is cracked, looked everywhere got in contact with precision, no luck for such an "old" turbo, which in my case still dynoed 3 months ago, produced easily 330hp with mild tuning, not aggresive one, so would like to keep it at least for now!
  3. In good shape? How much are you asking?
  4. I just had an "epiphany" to check on tmc and voila...almost everything came in place...with your help of you all I think we got to the end...c52 and c150 is the only compatible boxes with c161 after all. So only options are quaife and 41301-10071 (hard to find), concerning helical at least. Didn't search at all for clutch type. Thanks
  5. Only the facelift e11 (kind of vvti too) share the same differential with all the previous, e12 and newer models are the next "batch":) Glad we figured it out:) Kaaz or Quaife for everyday use and little street racing?
  6. Thank you Sam....far less options since all the ads around are for celica and mr2 lsd but...at least I found out what fits:) As far as using it...it's better to go with helical like quaife for evey day use and little street racing and spirited driving...no track use here:) Also there was a 41301-10071 factory toyota oem lsd for these boxes....but not anywhere found anymore:)
  7. Thank you very much, so it's quaife qdf15e-2 or any other that fits glanza/gt. I was almost certain after researching part number from toyota and cross-checking with glanzas that we share exactly the same differential. Most of the ads selling lsd are from mr2 zzw or celica zzt that don't fit apparently. So my only option is quaife or kaaz ? (Helical I guess for every day street use and some street racing, right?)
  8. Check this from toyota's program So now I've got my differential's part number So now did I help anwering my own question? So it's the same differential with c52, c150, and c161?
  9. Had mine fabricated almost 2 years ago at 252 degrees since it's my every day car as well What are the ones you have?
  10. This doesn't open a working page...either in firefox or google...I'll give it a try on another pc later...I'm curious:)
  11. I'm all the way with you...of course you are right...but if anyone knew and have done it before, I would know if I had to spend a fortune for a new one or if a used one from a friend I already have in my hands would do the job just fine and ordered other parts with the same money meanwhile:) Also I would know if I need another gearbox (so maybe extra repair cost and job) or if an lsd fits mine which is already in great shape. Thanks though
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