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  1. I’m pretty sure I have a pair. £30 delivered. Give me a message and will dig them out for you.
  2. New top radiator hoses for Ep82/Ep91. Not needed,never fitted. £15 delivered each. Have orange or Green. Perfect for tempature sender. located Isle of Wight. PayPal please.
  3. Hey guys, for sale I have a race Spec Rocker Cover removed from a forged engine I bought,only to be replaced with my own Gold one. Seals look good,will need a new rocker cover gasket and good to go. located on the Isle of Wight. £135 delivered inclusive of PayPal fees!
  4. Rare to see one for sale. Espically a genuine one.
  5. Thanks for everyone for the help. Found an engine from a member on here
  6. Got a Trust/Greddy system. Look up Jamie FYD on YouTube with my starlet,it's the first video.
  7. There is a guy making them on eBay for like £70 new!!!!
  8. Just took one of my GT if you get stuck. Doubtful will ever put back on again.
  9. Hey guys,after a few 4efte Rocker Covers. Cheers johnny
  10. Hey guys. Been let down on an engine. Anyone have a forged lump for sale?
  11. Hey guys, for sale I have a set of 74.5mm Forged Weisco Pistons and Scat rods. Good condition,will need new piston rings,code:- 2933XC Bought for my forged engine build,but have since bought an already built motor. £450 delivered inclusive PayPal fees!
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