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First Jap car and it's a STARLET!!!

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Just bought my first jap car and first hatchback in a long, long while lol, went from a Land Rover Freelander to a 1998 5dr Starlet 1.3, don't ask how that happened but I couldn't be happier with what started out as a run about to now becoming a full on daily driving project. I'm totally smittin with my wee Toyota.

I'm needing a new bonnet and looking for a good source for parts both standard and aftermarket. The exhaust was blowing so it's been fitted with a full subtle stainless steel, I plan on improving the already surprisingly grippy handling. Lowering spring's, struts, rear antiroll bar and strut's front and back. Wanted sway bars but can't find them anywhere. I'd like to know of your experience with the handling section, I don't want to compromise it any. Also I reckon it has been fitted with wider tyres and alloys from a Yaris, not sure but seems to behave strange on full lock, maybe rubbing I've yet to check.

I'm not expecting to get a whole bunch out of the n/a engine, after the handling's been improved and cosmetics seen to later in the year I think i'd look into engine swaps for more power. Right now I'd like some help on how low to go with spring's, I'm thinking 30mm before having to change shock's. Is this true enough? Also don't wana be scraping or anything. Exhaust wasn't cheap lol.

Any advice, guidance help and your experiences would be great.

Thanks, David.

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hey mate welcome along.

theres a fair few us us from around your way mainly in turbo versions. with regards to parts the forum is a great source all my service parts generaly come from idworkz.

if you your budget strectches coilovers are better for handling although sligthly harsher ride unless you go for miester R's sway bars, anti lift kits and poly bush items are all easy to get ahold of again normaly if you give id-workz a shout and say i want a full handling package they would try do you a good deal.

2nd hand parts jdm-ep is quite new some prices can be slightly over the odds ( just my option) but 95% of there stufff is generaly priced cheap/fair and there customer service is bang on. they seem to clean all there products for pictures and then store them wraped ready to go and packing is very professionaly carried out.

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Thanks for the heads up, Ill be getting a good service done and engine flush and spending a little on what engine I've got then improve handling and sort out the few dents and dings. I'll check out id-workz in the mean time thanks.

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