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  1. red na starlet meadowhall

    ive got a ghetto red sportif and slightly tuned white sr pal
  2. red na starlet meadowhall

    OK thanks justlaura See all the time looks mint nick All ways wondered who owned it
  3. who drives a red n/a starlet all ways park in meadowhall car park?
  4. Light weight flywheel

    Wanted a light weight flywheel
  5. red na

    red na with black bonnet, seen around chapeltown sheffield
  6. Wolf v4x standalone. offers!!

    is it for a ep82 or ep91?

    wanted apexi power fc ep82 thanks
  8. glanza front bumper

    wanted glanza front bumper thanks jamie
  9. coilovers

    hi as any 1 got any coilovers for sale thanks Jamie
  10. spluttering when boosting

    no faults show on diagnostics n replaced lead still had same problem turns out 2 b emange blue stop working correctly but thanks for help every 1 jamie
  11. spluttering when boosting

    ive checked them n every things is in good condition but im still having same problem any one have any ideas wot it cud be? thanks
  12. spluttering when boosting

    ok thanks will do
  13. spluttering when boosting

    hi all, just had a forge engine built n mapped it ran sweet for a week but Is now spluttering when it is going on to boost it idle ok n doesn't splutter can anyone help me? thanks
  14. wiring for electric mirrors glanza

    ok cheers for the info pal
  15. wiring for electric mirrors glanza

    I don't no lol I need the wiring that goes from mirror switch to both mirrors thanks jamie