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  1. Any eta on the ep82 stuff being ready? 
  2. Sounds good ep82 stuff much needed any prices? Carbon only for livesport spoilers?
  3. Starlet gt turbo door speakers

    Cheers same a front speakers then
  4. Anyone know what size speakers for door speakers on gt turbo
  5. Gt turbo oem decal for ep82

    Id like the mesurements if you could please
  6. Id be likey to buy a mid spoiler also livesport 
  7. Very unlikely to find one I know but mid spoiler for a gt

    Im also after one and a livesport for ep82
  8. Need afew bits gt or n/a to collect asap
  9. Oil sandwich plate

    Price posted?
  10. Dans Glanza v

    Cheers seems it.. carnt wait to get started engine hunting soon
  11. Oil sandwich plate

    In need of oil sandwich plate of a turbo engine to use on a 4efefor turbo
  12. Dans Glanza v

    Haha always have something i need nath ._. Cars make me broke need to get rid of mx5 forester and 106 to make room
  13. Dans Glanza v

    Haha under is mint! Front bumpers fucked other than that its good ..itll be slow progress due to gt being first haha
  14. Dans Glanza v

    Picking glanza up at weekend was cheapy £300 needs box engine tank exhaust so will be a slow project if and when i find parts cheap haha and after gt has been to chops!