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  1. Tiger31

    Door hinge pin kits

    Yes, lack of lubrication sound like the cause. If I can't sort locally, I'll come back to you on those hinges. Cheers
  2. Tiger31

    Door hinge pin kits

    Dorman in USA do repair kits, a bush and pin, like you suggest, but Starlet is not on their list. I may have to resort to a pair of hinges. Cheers
  3. Tiger31

    Door hinge pin kits

    Does anyone know of a repair kit option for a dropped drivers door hinge? I've seen a pin and bush kit for some makes, but not come across a Starlet kit. Thanks in advance.
  4. Tiger31

    Which LSD for an EP92

    Thanks Gorganl2000. That sounds like the one I want.
  5. What LSD unit would be a direct fit into an EP91 5 speed box on a Starlet. This one is out of a Levin, OEM fit, 8 hole casing fit?
  6. Tiger31

    Fitting an LSD v LSD Box

    Hi... What type of LSD have you for sale?
  7. Tiger31

    New from Dublin

    Thanks Richard .... Lots of useful info and tips here ....... Great site..... I'm near Dun Laoire,... far side of town Regards.
  8. Tiger31

    New from Dublin

    Hi, just found your website, looks like a great source for technical info etc. My Jap import 16v is used for auto tests when not shopping! Hope to find some details on LSD's and other light tuning. 🚗