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  1. EP91-RK

    Ross' 96 Glanza

    sorry bud, forgot to mention the 2nd pic is after i got it a full respray! was too busy trying to figure out how to upload pictures the first one of the bonnet is before hand, aswell as loads of small dents etc, 2nd one is the bodywork all sorted now! I should get round to putting a couple more things on here now i have it sussed! cheers
  2. EP91-RK

    Ross' 96 Glanza

    http://<a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=wva3qp" target="_blank"><img src="http://i65.tinypic.com/wva3qp.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> no idea how to upload more pics as apparently i have no more space left in the thread, attached a link if anyone wants to see!
  3. EP91-RK

    Window rubber

    yeah mate both sides!
  4. EP91-RK

    Window rubber

    anyone know where i can get new window seals? the weather strips that run along the doors from the b pillar and wing mirror if you like? i think the body shop has butchered mine lol
  5. EP91-RK

    Ross' 96 Glanza

    So, it is now underway! this is the bodywork as i received the car, horrible lacquer peel, scuff and stone chips! had pin dents all down the side and one of the rear arches had started to come through easy enough to say when it looks like this and the bottom end goes, then it is far easier and more cost efficient just to scrap it. I had a look underneath and it is really clean as well as the interior which gave me some hope! so i have decided to rescue it and make it how i want it for years to come I took a couple of pictures before it got sent off to the body shop, attached below!
  6. EP91-RK

    Wanted. RSR panhard rod and OEM rear strut brace

    good timing with this thread! mate was driving his round a corner and it snapped at the end with corrosion, was like driving a shopping trolley home pissed apparently
  7. EP91-RK

    Transporter needed

    I am mate! think i may have just sorted the transporter aswell
  8. EP91-RK

    Transporter needed

    anyone know of any decent priced transporters? looking to get my glanza moved from Dundee to Warrington this weekend.
  9. another one sadly ruined!
  10. EP91-RK

    Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    Loving that LCD screen!
  11. EP91-RK

    Ross' 96 Glanza

    So... had a 96 Spec Silver Glanza in my hands for over a year or so now, picked it up cheap enough as a 'project' which needed its body work seriously sorted. After a couple of months the bottom end went, and i was determined to give it a fresh overhaul rather then stick another ragged engine into it. Invested in a complete gasket set, bearings, belts, pumps and got the crank reground and fitted back together over a lengthy period of time (didn't go forged as i didn't have the full funds to throw at it at the time). 400 miles, in and a few quid down the bottom end developed a very slight knock, so I took it back off the road and decided this time no corners will be cut + i don't want to see another going to the scrap) The process is already under way to get it ready for summer! pics to follow.. I will post the spec of it when i get a minute.
  12. EP91-RK

    Respray ideas

    yeah thats true, going to be an on the spot decision by the looks of it
  13. EP91-RK

    Glanza Exhaust

  14. EP91-RK

    Glanza Exhaust

    What exhausts are people hiding away and want rid of? Going td04 and current exhaust is only 2" so needing one in good condition 2-1/2" or 3"
  15. EP91-RK

    Respray ideas

    So, car is getting a well needed shut door respray next week and it is currently 1ao silver, i am looking to keep the original silver paint but maybe add a twist like a flake or something? Any recomendations or ideas? Currently on dark rotas with blue locking nuts and blue accents in the engime bay! I shall start a blog soon to show the transformation it will be taking shortly! Any ideas are appreciated! Cheers,