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  1. LeonL

    TD04 required...

    Sorry for all the questions but you know your stuff running a tf035 managed by Apexi power fc would it be worth me upgrading injectors or will the tf035 not reach enough power to warrant the injector change also will a braided td04 oil line fit the tf035 or do I need a specific line
  2. LeonL

    Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    Brilliant thanks, spent ages yesterday trying to find it
  3. LeonL

    TD04 required...

    Engine will be stock internally so a tf035 will probably be better
  4. LeonL

    TD04 required...

    I’ve got a tf035 on the car which seems to boost fine. would it be worth me using this or would I be better of getting a td04
  5. Hey, Purchasing wepr mild steel td04 mani, downpipe and screamer soon and I’m looking for a td04 to match. But I have few questions: Are there different td04s? Any that won’t fit or work with ep82 application? am I correct in assuming all I need to do is weld shut the wastegate, remove acuator and twist the turbo to match intercooler piping? Or is there more to it? also td04s are getting old now, are they still worth buying second hand without rebuilds or should I be looking at buying one to get sent of for a rebuild now? any forum members with td04 for sale feel free to inbox me with price many thanks
  6. LeonL

    Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    What brand catch tank is that? Looking for similar one myself, that mounts nicely to the strut
  7. LeonL

    Square headlights

    If you do manage to find better ones then your own I’d take yours off you as been looking to revert mine back to standard (from quad conversion)
  8. Cheers guys so mk2 and 3 bumpers are same mk1 is different but all will fit a mk2
  9. Can anyone confirm If mk1 front bumper is same as a mk2 bumper? Have sourced a mk1 bumper but not sure if it’s a straight fit to the mk2?
  10. LeonL


    Was it defo wepr as only ever heard good things (looking to purchase new mani and downpipe in January so doing my research)
  11. LeonL


    Have you contacted them about this?
  12. Just curious as to if there’s many owners in the area or on the forums. Only ever Seen the odd Gt turbo driving about also anyone local to the area breaking or selling ep82 parts?
  13. Can anyone confirm if mk1 headlights fit a mk2 without any issues?
  14. LeonL

    Apexi power fc ep82 ecu

    How hard would this ecu be to map just to make car driveable with ecu fitted? Previous owner says it’s mapped for forged engine, td04 and 550cc injectors. I’d be standard injectors, td04/tf035 and non forged engine. id only want car driveable to drive to proper mapping
  15. LeonL

    Apexi power fc ep82 ecu

    Sweet cheers guys