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  1. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

    The guy seemed genuine and he said expect to see it at JAE. I believe he has registered on here too
  2. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

  3. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

    Potentially found a replacement for the Glanza so price reduced to £6000
  4. paulgtt

    ep91 glanza v with td04

    Mines up for sale mate, one of the cleanest you'll find. It's up for £6500 but I have potentially found a replacement car so I would take £6000, message me if your interested. http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/98347-immaculate-forged-v/
  5. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

    Still here. Just so I don't get a load more messages: I'm not interested in part ex's or swaps. The price is open to sensible discussion as previously mentioned but please no more pm's offering 4k! Thanks
  6. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

    I'm in Grantham, Lincs NG31 area
  7. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

    Willing to listen to close sensible offers. Viewing available all next week as well as off work till new year
  8. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

    Rest of pics added.
  9. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

    More pics added, still struggling to get the rest on but il keep trying!
  10. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

    ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  11. paulgtt

    Immaculate Forged V

    Year: 1996 Model: Glanza V Tax: N/A MOT: 06/2016 Mileage: 195831 km Description: Unfortunately having to sell my Glanza after a short period of ownership due to needing a more practical car, a 2 month old and 2 small cars just isn’t working! This was Johns car (Ro55ifumi) and possibly one of the best examples of a Glanza V around. It is in immaculate condition, anyone who has seen the car will vouch for it and has had alot of time, effort and money spent on it. Spec below is exactly how I bought it, the only thing I have done to the car is clear wax oiled the underneath and swapped the centre console trim back to the original black instead of the wooden version that was on it, still have the wooden one that will go with the car. Im planning to change oil and filter in the new year, if I don’t get round to it then the parts will go with car. Engine Internals Fully Machined and Polished 4EFTE Bottom End Fully Stripped, Cleaned and Rebuilt 4EFTE Cylinder Head to Standard Spec Wossner 74.5mm Low Compression Piston Kit with Rings and Pins Scat 4EFTE Forged Conrod Kit with ARP Rod Bolts Athena 1.2mm Uprated Metal Headgasket ARP 2000 Uprated Headbolt Kit inc New Washers ACL Main Bearing Kit ACL Big End Bearing Kit ACL Thrust Washer Kit Genuine Toyota Full Gasket Kit Genuine Toyota Oil Pump Kit OEM Water Pump Kit OEM Cambelt Kit inc Idler & Tensioner Engine Externals RW Developments race spec rocker cover ,braided lines and catch can Magnecore HT Leads JD Tuning Engine Damper Turbo & Exhaust Race-Tech TD04 Turbo Kit, manifold, downpipe RW Development 2.5" exhaust system to 3" Japspeed Back Box Fuel & Air 430cc Injectors Walbro 225 fuel pump Japspeed FMIC Greddy BOV Drivetrain OEM LSD Gear Box Spec Stage 3 Paddle Clutch Polybushed mounts Suspension & Brakes Miester R Coilovers Whiteline Panhard Rod Levin Twin Pot front calipers Yellow Stuff Pads OEM Front and Rear Strut Brace's Tegiwa Brake Stopper Electronics EManage Blue ECU Blitz SBC-ID boost controller Boost gauge Exterior & Interior Inter Milano Voltec Racing RGS 15” alloys Carbon Culture Varis Rear Bumper IDWorkz Varis Front Bumper Glanza "S" bonnet Genuine Oem wind deflectors Recaro Evo 8 Seats on Genuine Recaro EP91 Rails Varis gearknob For the full build please see the link: http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/29405-ro55ifumis-forged-glanza/page-1 The car will not be broken nor parts sold off it so please don’t ask. Having a few problems uploading pics at the moment but il get them on asap, If any specific pictures are required then let me know and il get them. Price: £6500 Pictures: Contact Details: PM
  12. paulgtt

    Its been a loooong time.....

    It won't be going to anyone who I feel may break it for parts. It's a proper enthusiasts starlet so want to keep it that way, hopefully someone off here will have it
  13. paulgtt

    Its been a loooong time.....

    Things never go the way you plan them do they?! Unfortunately im going to have to let the Glanza go! Been in talks with the missus and we can't manage praticality wise with 2 small cars so having to sell the Glanza, I know Xmas isn't best time but thought I'd let people know so gives then chance to save up lol. If anyone is genuinely interested then please get in touch and no the car won't be broken or parts sold off it, it goes as a whole. Il put a proper ad up later in week
  14. paulgtt

    Dyno result

    No I didn't get it remapped in the end as I wanted to check the plugs etc first. On the way back it was boosting up to the normal amount so I reckon it must of been something to do with the sensor at the dyno, also checked plugs when I got home and they looked perfectly fine too. Took the car out last night to pick the missus up from a party and it was boosting perfectly fine up to 1.48bar then aswell, so everything as normal!