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  1. A gt or glanza wanted asap

    Im looking for a clean GT or Glanza, i can only pay by credit card so was just wondering if anyone knows of any good dealers local to the Birmingham area. i have £3000 to spend any help would be very much appreciated. Im not always on here so if you could either email me on adam.uttley@hotmail.co.uk or call or text me on 07411065082. Thanks Adam
  2. english buyers

    Always worth the travel for the right car. So just post it up and see how it goes, good luck with it mate. lovely V
  3. Have you got anymore pics? inside the car, engine bay etc...
  4. Help please?

    Does anyone have a contact number or email for dan_112 from tgtt? would be much appreciated. Im not on here that often so if someone could send it to me on my email....adam.uttley@hotmail.co.uk Thanks Adam
  5. Had a bad car accident

    I drove past this realising it was ste's crx! Immediately stopped and feared the worse then realised my younger brother was also in the car, scared me to death. I thanked god that they both walked away. All the paramedics cannot believe they are still alive. Someone was watching out for both of these lads. just grateful there ok. Get welll sooon ste!
  6. Post whore, aswell as whore....

    HAHA love it!! ^^
  7. Thinking...

    Ive got a standard GT so if your lucking in 6 months. let me know
  8. Cheapest Way To Setup Td04?

    i like the sound of that. thanks for the advice mate ive just gota find one for sale now lol
  9. Breaking 93 Starlet Gt Turbo

    Have you got the motor for the window on the drivers side. mines given up on me lol
  10. I Dont Know What To Do!

    Just outa interest what sorta money are you wanting to spend on a gt....im guessing a standard one is what you are going for? i would definately keep the n/a for the next 10 months and just be sensible with your money in the mean time. good luck with it all though bro
  11. Opinions On These Gt's ?

    ok cheers for the kind warning
  12. Opinions On These Gt's ?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toyota-starlet-1-3-T...%3A1%7C294%3A50 or http://pistonheads.com/sales/1084776.htm
  13. Anybody in the Birmingham area?

    Anyone go up to the cheltenham meet on a sunday ?
  14. Cheapest Way To Setup Td04?

    how much for a second hand one ? u mean lasted a while before it blew up lol
  15. Cheapest Way To Setup Td04?

    isnt that just as expensive ?