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  1. Tintin_SR


    week!!! the older shapes are better the newer ones look camp same with the crx
  2. Tintin_SR


    get an eg bud you can get esi's for £900 now
  3. Tintin_SR

    !- What The Hell Is This? -!

    i my mun has one of them and its a manual i think there mint wee cars
  4. Tintin_SR

    Black Friday

    just man up and do both....
  5. Tintin_SR

    Black Friday

    Na we cal it black Friday like, its the night with to most trouble and shit kick off assume
  6. Tintin_SR

    Exhaust Bung ?

    shood be like a 5er on ebay bud
  7. Tintin_SR

    Army In Strathblane?

    fear play
  8. thay do fit and are better as the ones after an esi are duel core so v good bit you can not use the same pipes as thy are a different diameter but its a n esey thing to get round
  9. Tintin_SR

    Army In Strathblane?

    wood of just been sum training thing wear always doing random deployments! its a pain the ass. hope you got your hole though bud
  10. Tintin_SR

    Honda Civic ESI

    thanks bud got a b16 at home but cant decide what i want my brow had a b20 and it was mad, its just a bit hard when an away all the time with the army
  11. Tintin_SR

    Honda Civic ESI

    well well well.... its been a v long time but am back! been loving the army life and unfortunately not that much work has been dun on the Honda but i have got the wheels on now lol hears sum pics tell us what you thick? getting sun amber corner lights at the end of the month, but am off to Germany at the end of the year to live so not shoor how much work will be dun on her
  12. Tintin_SR

    Snapped Bolt.

    no no no. you need to drill a whole in it then get an easy out has a left hand thread and it cums out a dream out, and the fred is still good!!
  13. Tintin_SR

    Honda Civic ESI

    still love here, see u kipped the purple foot there the best! give it a big sniff from me will have to white 7 moor weeks as i wa away to the army on Sunday soz
  14. Tintin_SR

    Timing Advance

    yer thats right bud it shooed feel a bit better over the whole rev range
  15. Tintin_SR

    Worlds Biggest Snake Found Dead

    you knob sum of us are half cut lol shat my pants