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  1. teta

    Voltage drop

    belt slipping with the water puddle
  2. teta


    Brake stopper
  3. teta

    Age of starlet owners

    29,1st car i ever drove,bougth it from my mum still using it
  4. teta

    warning light help

    temp stays normal but on the highway but the light comes on,pull @ the side of the road after a while the light comes off but if i start to rev it comes back on
  5. can anyone help me with this warning light,its coming on whilst driving & i also see the temperature gauge rising,i have check the fan & its working,but when the warning light turns off the gauge returns to normal what might cause this cheers same has the one on the right http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/96659-engine-light/
  6. teta

    Will ep82 brakes fit a glanzaV

    will add this here without starting a new post will a ae100(corolla) hub fit a ep82(4efe) want to put bigger brakes
  7. teta

    Front speakers

    tune on your player ( equaliser,gain,loudness etc)
  8. teta

    bc coilover damper adjustment

    so the back should be set on a harder setting than the front i ll try that cheers thanks
  9. teta

    bc coilover damper adjustment

    will take alot of time to figure out playing around with it,if i have a base value them i can work around that i would be easier
  10. what setting people set there dampers at,front & back ,& tire pressure cheers
  11. teta

    tire marker

    whats the best brand of tire marker on the market cheers
  12. distributor I ll check 1st
  13. no they are £100 cheaper
  14. teta

    'Largus' fully adjustable coilovers..

    anyone have try these coilovers