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  1. Really nice progress! Welcom to 4E-FTE heaven  
  2. LHD EP91 Track build

    New rear spoiler setup
  3. Time Attack event pics

  4. >
  5. LHD EP91 Track build

    After 2017 updates!!!
  6. LHD EP91 Track build

    epcashin, You were absolutely right! When I changed N/A 5E manifold to 4EFT-E inlet manifold + trottle body I gain extra 20bhp, without any boost increasing! EXTRA 20bhp!
  7. LHD EP91 Track build

    Last photo before new updates. New wheels! 16x9 ET10 Ups We are going wide!
  8. LHD EP91 Track build

    I would not recommend to do as I have done, becouse it is very ugly, but fast and easy way. I used this: I recommend use this one :