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Build Thread

Found 5 results

  1. Just a repost from TGTT to make it nice and easy to find. So I've just gone through the process of deleting the power steering out from my car. Information was a little flimsy on what exactly was needed, and the right process of how one goes about doing it. I would like to take the time to highlight the way I achieved a power steering delete. Things you will need: EP80 Steering Column EP80 Steering Rack EP80 Steering Column to Rack Knuckle (Don't worry I forgot this component read thread to find out) I was told you need to swap out the Steering column and the rack and then it should fit. But the problem here is that if you swap out the column, you lose the height adjustability. And whilst you might say you never use it, it does remove some of that JDMness from the car. The way I've done it, from the interior, you'd never know it's been swapped. I've also not botched the PS rack by looping the lines. Why Can't You Use the JDM Column? Unfortunately, you can't do this conversion on the JDM steering column, not in its current form anyway. The problem is, is that the power steering rack has a very thick head that protrudes into the cabin of the car, and the non-powersteering rack has a very small head, that sits in the engine bay. The column compensates this by extending the arm on the column a good few inches further. And I looked at a lot of alternatives for this, and I potentially found a few alternatives. Toyota did another Starlet, called the Carrot. And for whatever reason, this car seemed to have an extra piece between the column and the rack, and I thought I might be able to use this piece to fix the issue. I'm sure you could, but it wasn't a direct swap and I gave up there. So you can see clearly the column simply isn't long enough to meet the rack. So my idea was to press out the universal joint on the EP80 column, and swap out the extension part on the JDM column. And after some measuring, I sussed it'll fit. Although admitably my measuring for the camera was shocking. The U-Joint is a press fit into the housing THEY ARE 16MM not 15 as shown in the image. And I would say around 40mm for the width. So the first thing you will want to do is to press out the old EP80 column U joint and free the extension rod. Then get it mounted onto your JDM Column Now you just need to fit your non-power steering rack. I didn't take any photos of this. But it's a simple on off jobby (HE SAYS!!!) On the drive on Axle stands, I swear it must have taken me 3 hours to do!! No room whatsoever. But luckily getting the manual rack in was EASY PEASEY! All you need now is the EP80 Rack to Column Knuckle! Which I forgot to get! No worries, I bought a Rack to Column Knuckle from a 2001 Toyota Yaris (Powersteering model) which was very similar to the JDM knuckle. I pressed out the smaller, column end, knuckle, and pressed it into the JDM knuckle. With that done, it was simply a case of refitting it all back into the car, the time was late and the pictures I took were naff. But that was it all done.
  2. Hi Guys, Could someone please tell me what components are necessary for a power steering delete conversion. I don't want to loop a PS rack I want to know what parts are necessary. There seems to be conflicting information about what is actually necessary components. Some say it's the rack and steering column, others say just the rack. Would this be enough for my EP82? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Steering-Rack-Toyota-Starlet-89-96-/172428310621?fits=Car+Make%3AToyota%7CModel%3AStarlet&hash=item282587385d:g:kisAAOSwB4NW0Lh0 Thanks
  3. Saving up for a new wheel and thought it would be worth finding out what everyone's got... What steering wheel do you run and would you recommend it? Does the Glanza suit a smaller wheel (330mm)? I'm looking at Nardi, Sparco and Momo, any I've missed? Cheers all.
  4. hii everyone, if i was to order a boss kit (preferably snap off) could i fit any steering wheel to it? or is there onloy certain ones that i could use? also are they easy to fit? thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys I've got quite a big issue with the handling on my Glanza. For ages the Meister Coilovers have had odd camber adjustments on them, one being neutral, the other positive camber. It's been like this for a couple of years and I've never felt completely confident with the handling, so I've stuck them both back to neutral. Now in order to go in a straight line, I have to have my steering wheel facing about 45 degrees left. I didn't think having both neutral cambers would cause this to happen, so anyone got any ideas why it's like this? If one side was higher than the other, would it cause this to happen? Cheers Al