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subaru injectors fitment

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does anyone know if Subaru sti/wrx new style injectors are a direct fit to our fuel rails?...or if any modification is required, exactly what needs to be done?

also, is the injector electrical connector the same as stock?

are these high impedance injectors

sizes --- 565cc pinks and 565cc dark blues

has anyone ran Subaru injectors in their starlet? if so, how do they perform (spray pattern, idle, ease/difficulty of tuning, etc)?

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Posted (edited)

just to update

Subaru top feed injectors from 2002+ wrx and 2007+ sti will fit our 4e/5e fuel rails

make sure to get all the subaru specific seals/o-rings with the injectors when you buy them or better yet, replace with new Subaru specific seals/o-rings (3 on each injector)

the electrical connectors are the same and they are high imp

you will need to remove the black plastic spacers from the starlet fuel rail and just use the two metal spacers only, as the Subaru injectors are shorter

you will need to cut the two fuel rail bolts or buy new ones (65mm - 75mm)

the car will need to be tuned for sure, the spray pattern is said to be better than the older style madza gtx/rx7 360cc, 460cc and 550cc injectors

these injectors can be bought "used" for very reasonable prices off the various Subaru forums and eBay, i'd suggest taking  them to be fully services, cleaned and flow tested to make sure they are working prpoerly---i'd strongly suggest buying genuine injectors and avoiding cheap knockoffs

now this gives members more options to choose from and depending on what your want to achieve with your car---information taken from the nasioc website


Is there a list of top feed injector sizes for the 2002+ WRX and 2007+ STI?

OEM 2002-2005 WRX 420 cc
JDM STi "pinks" 550 cc
OEM 2006+ WRX 560 cc (also known as "blues")
OEM 2007+ STI 560 cc

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