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New Fiske EFR Turbo Kit - 350+ BHP better than TD04 Billet Response!

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Good evening all, we have had a couple of requests for this now - we held off posting the results as we haven't fully completed our dyno testing, however as a couple of you have asked, im happy to share the below results for our Fiske EFR Turbo kit so far.

Please bare with the long post!

The graph shows a comparison between the TD04 Billet that was on the car previously, a GTX2867 and our EFR kit. All these were completed at very similar boost levels. GT28 plot sourced from Matt's ever helpful Power Leader Board (http://www.s314kba.co.uk/leaderboard/) Thank you!

The engine spec of the EFR and TD04 runs are as below:
4E-FTE / Stock Head / Wiseco 8.1:1 74mm Piston / Scat Rod / Cruise 2mm headgasket.

ECU was a Link Atom so limited to open loop Boost Control.

As you can see from the graph we stopped at apprx. 325 fly, this was due to our customers car having stock Toyota headbolts (news to both of us) so we lifted the head off before we could add the extra 0.7 bar or so we have left to play in the turbo.

I can let the graph do the talking but the brief we had was to out spool a TD04 whilst making GT28 power - i think its safe to say we have hit the brief.

We are back on the dyno in January with our customer and a new Fiske spec'd engine, Syvecs ECU (allowing us to setup the closed loop boost control / PID parameters correctly) and headwork. We are expecting to see the spool times decrease and power curve improve once again, and hit around 375-400 bhp depending on how hard our customer would like to push.

Note: Original graph in the comments below, we use TDi South's Rototest dyno as it is the best in the business, however the car is mapped by ourselves. From experience we have found Rototest WHP to DynoDynamics Flywheel conversion at apprx 13-15%, we have cut this in the middle and used 14%.

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a kit please me or Simon.

You can see some fitted pictures here: 


Thanks Rob.


Comparison to GTX2867 and TD04 Billet



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2 hours ago, Calum122 said:

Wow, it's making stock power at 4250 RPM. And that powerband mind.

Bet that feels pretty awesome!

Thanks Calum! 

I spent a lot of time planning the kit and spec’ing the turbo and it’s turned out brilliantly. 

The powerband and mid range is amazing like you say :)


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hi rob,

sorry i dont mean to spam, but only posting this because you have not specified which td04 billet you have compared it to and i've had a few customers message me and ask if it was one of ours. its created a bit of confusion. so felt its best to clear it up. the above td04 hybrid seems very laggy.


Graph 1: a comparison with the ct9 that was on the car ...dotted line--ct9 , solid line -- our td04 hybrid...pink line -- boost plot. tune on the hybrid was a VERY safe tune whilst the car was being set up for track...

Graph 2: same car...final race map

as you can see there is  vast difference in power and power delivery between the the td04 billet you've compared and ours.

hope this clears and further confusion for others. thanks!




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Hi Sacha,

No probs! I didn’t say who’s it was as it would like a little unprofessional to call out someone else’s product, but it was an off the shelf item from another Starlet tuner, it’s not one of yours.

I don’t think the state of the engine the TD04 was on was helping, but then it was the same for the EFR too so was the fairest comparison.

Who in the UK runs one of yours? Happy to do a back to back on the Rototest to compare - all good info at the end of the day! 


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