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snails ep91

fault finding reverse light??

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hi everyone.

since converting my N/a to turbo ive not had a working reverse light.

i have the wiring on the boot lid but it does not light up.

i used the full loom from a running glanza and swapped into my car. 

ive tested the pins on the loom and im not getting power to the bulbs and im unsure how to find the fault. can anyone point me in the right direction?

Does anyone know where the reverse light wiring runs, if its through the floor loom or over the roof loom to the rear of the car?

I've asked and searched for wiring diagrams but had no luck whatsoever. i dont want to untangle all of the loom tape and try and chase the same colour wire from the back to the front... so if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.


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it is plugged in at the gearbox yes. loom connected. i do have a spare gearbox i could swap the switches and try. ill give that a go thanks.

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