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Help required!!!!!! Anyone know this car P624CRN

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First of hi! New glanza owner and couldn’t be anymore disappointed! Been totally scammed through Fb market place

his name is REUBEN DAY - from St Anne’s 

where to start? The car I bought is an absolute disaster and very unsafe in its current state I traveled all the way from Inverness to get this car I was told 3 things wrong with it, bonnet hinge, rust on rear arch, and headlight clip broken. To my surprise I picked up the car and set off, got just along the road to a Halfords car park where I broke down here is where I found out the radiator was dangling off, the fan wires were cut and tucked away not connected, the lights and indicators were all cut and tucked away the manifold which was supposed to have a hole in was wrapped over because the whole thing was cracked all the way around not even connected, there’s studs missing from the block. Wires cut everywhere and tapped up dodgy soldering and branched off connections most plugs appear to be disconnected/broken/missing/wrong gauge used, the seats are very insecure. The bodge job that’s got into this car is absolutely astounding!!!!

Im still in a state of shock of how nieve and stupid I was to ever purchase the car but here I am.

So I’m gonna need some serious help advice on wiring, plugs and sensors, spare parts I will create a list of all that’s required when I eventually find out

i don’t know much about glanzas so any help really appreciated 







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I hate to say it but a lot of these things should have been spotted when looking around the car and doing the usual checks.

However you have it now so make sure you do a thorough check over of everything as it sounds like a bit of a deathtrap if the seats are loose. 

Hard to say what the plugs are for but id hazzard a guess foglight and rad fan looking at the area they are in. 

If you're going to buy an new manifold dont buy one of the £60 japspeed ones off ebay as they will crack within a week. 


Plenty of info on here mate, forum is a bit quieter than it used to be but if you use the search function and look in the how to section you will find some good resources. 

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Cheers for the reply, I totally understand I’m to blame as well, just kicking myself as I would never sell a car in that condition!

ohwell project car it is haha 

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That's the spirit mate, its a shame that its not what you expected but get her fixed up and make it into something decent

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Depends on how much you paid, if you bought it for top dollar, then yeah I'd be fuming. But if you got it for a steal, then you could be on to a winner. Doesn't seem like too much to fix.

Nothing broke can't be fixed. It's just frustrating at times.

Some people have no morals, that's the problem.

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