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  1. Crazy but it works and matches a treat well chuffed and its metal paint. Thanks bud!
  2. Hammerite in gold exact 100% match!!!
  3. What is the paint code for the gold on these alloys? I nipped mine into a curb and just want to touch it up? Anyone know?
  4. Exhaust Bung 95mm Diameter Needed please Can pay through PayPal Cheers
  5. Ep'd

    Rear tow hook please

    What have you, colour and price posted please cheers
  6. Seen you yesterday, purple wheels at just a glance. Update pics?
  7. Candy Red with Silver Glitter Sprinkled on it
  8. That's money making for you.
  9. £60-100 depending on how much the buyer wants them. The fronts are what's worth the most.
  10. http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/01/murcialago-mix-up-the-fiat-that-ate-a-lamborghini/ Watch the video it's EPIC! Let the power to weight debates begin...
  11. My friend has this. He wrote his car off before he had a chance to fit it. The td04 mani is a tubular one but looks like its had weld repairs here and there in 2 places. He says its ok, it is a solid repair What do you guys think? Could it be ok?
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