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  1. Year:1996 Model:n/a Tax:- MOT: yes Mileage:63000 Price:1100 Description: I'm selling my beloved starlet as I now have a new car and need the money for insurance. This was my first car and it has had a lot of money spent on it. The engine is in mint condition and runs perfectly. I have never had any issues with it. It's been serviced recently, got MOT not sure how long for but will re-MOT if need be, has no tax due to new law, got around 63000 on the clock, S reg made in 1995. Loads of paper work with it including log book. Also comes with all original parts and few extras I've gathered over time Modifications as follows: Its got Glanza intake manifold put on around 6-7 months ago I've got pictures to prove Cat back exhaust 2" stainless with 5" exhaust (fairly loud) K&N air filter Carbon wrapped bonnet Yellow heads lights Clear indicator lenses No rear wiper Cars de-badged Uprated front speakers Square plates Glanza spoiler sprayed Matt black JDM sticker bombed petrol cap JDM sticker bombed wing mirrors All trim sprayed Matt black Glanza bubble tail lights blacked out but still legal Blacked out windows After market steering wheel and gear knob Professionally fitted cat C alarm and immobiliser paper work to prove Genuine rota slip stream alloys (2 slightly curbed) Lowered on 50mm springs (not in photo) Interior is still in excellent condition. Paint work is good apart from few age related dents/scrapes. Needs 2 new tyres which has been taken into consideration Amazing first car really cheap to insure really quick for what it is for more photos check my Instagram "JACKSEVY" The only negative is that the exhaust rattles slightly, I've just become oblivious to it over time. Probably missed a few things but any questions send me a message I'll response asap. Open to any offers Link to eBay add is http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/291307961609?nav=SEARCH Price:1100 Pictures: Contact Details:
  2. SevyjackSR

    Glanza TD04

  3. How easy is it to get these running high brake like 250 ? Does it take a lot of money and time ?
  4. ah thats cool then what is that ? and can you stop it ? i'm just curious
  5. Got a weird fuzzing noise is the engine bay been there ages just wondering if anyone's had this before it's coming from around the air box/ top right of the engine bay it's intermittent does it every 15-20 seconds ish any ideas ?
  6. Yeah that's got to be seriously modified tho I'm sure
  7. So just bolting on a turbo what BHP would I be looking at ?
  8. Yeah I fitted the throttle body to mate the accelerator cable doesn't bolt on the same way as the glanza one but I just put on bolt in moved it the a position where I was happy with the idle and done it up tight I don't have a reve metre but the car is definitely running a high idle but doesn't affect anything
  9. thinking maybe next year sometime swapping the N/a with a glanza engine how hard is this to do? how much money am i looking at ? anyother recommendation or adivce ?
  10. i put a cat back system on mine didnt feel like it made a diffrence in the top end but i then put a glanza manifold on a definietly made alot diffrence increase in top end and reach gears quicker recommend it i got it for £35 and mate fitted it easy job
  11. Is the club not going to jap power event on May 23rd I think around that time?? Anyoneknow of anything club tickets are avaliable
  12. Ah sweet mines just standard N/A modified up a little lol hopefully have my inlet mani fitted by then
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