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  1. holy crap they look awesome is there any chance I could also get mine meshed aswell ?
  2. Yeah the live sport ones canny wait buddy Yeah buddy doing well how's use getting on ?
  3. Top man thank you i can not wait Thank you buddy
  4. hi buddy just wondering if there is any update as off yet thanks in advance
  5. oft cheers simon i just wasn't sure lol thanks for getting back to us thank you
  6. hi simon just to find out if this is for me as not to sure as i haven't got a reminder on paypal thanks in advance
  7. ordered can't wait for it 2 arrive buddy
  8. yeah man defo sounds good who needs pas anyways lol it does look well tidy and it would give more room may i ask where are you based as I'm away up in scotland
  9. nice one buddy cheers for this it could be middle of summer 2017 if this is ok as car is parked away for winter i.e do you mean things like ancillary pipes clean the engine ?
  10. this looks well minted will be looking into it in the future
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