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  1. Thanks everyone. Any idea what I could sell them for
  2. Anyone know if these are genuine or has someone made the speaker part as they don't have pockets like most.
  3. Yes mate not done much to engine as like to focus on the exterior. But due to having a baby now I needed to upgrade Will upload more tomorrow as on my phone and it's awkward to do from it.
  4. Year:1996 Model: glanza Tax: MOT: 28th April 2016 Mileage:18000 Description: OFFERS WELCOME BUT SENSIBLE ONES Need to sell my glanza....if u want more pictures let me know as it takes to long to upload on here.... MOT till April 28th 2016 Has genuine varies carbon fiber bonnet and bumper. The bumper recently got damaged by someone who reversed into it but is only small and easy fix. Engine is pretty standard..... Has Front mount Has bov Manifold and Decat. Was running 149bhp when bought but that was with standard cat and manifold. Not saying they ad more but may be a little more. Drive and p
  5. Looking for standard cheap bonnet, sides panels and bumper. bonnet can be black or white but the rest i need in white 040
  6. If you have one let me know must be the oval connector need asap
  7. U still got alternator? If so how much for postage
  8. As title says^^^ Again my alternator has broken on me and in need of another. Its for a ep91 with the oval connector. Looking for low price if possible
  9. jamesh


    Its the second time i have had a brojen alternator. Are they known to break easy? Seems to of happened after a heavy rain poor.
  10. jamesh


    Having issues with my alternator when the car is ticking over get the two lights on dash and my turbo timer is reading low volts. But when im driving and go over 2000 revs the lights switch off. Any ideas or should i just get another one?
  11. Don't mind it being posted as long as the price is right. Stevie thanks for the offer but need it in white
  12. I had to do mine and flare them but it's all bumpy due to a sealer in the inner lip that I didn't completely remove. So I have to try redo them to smooth it out. It is easy to use though.
  13. Got any pics of the setting of the springs and how big is the bumpstop? May retry mine on the weekend.
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