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  1. I'm in Basingstoke and just bought yet another Starbo. Could give a few of the others I know locally a shout.
  2. I'll be ordering mine tomo once paid, Have heard about some of the upcoming things your doing from Gaz, Looking forward to it!
  3. Went on a little mooch today and took a few sunny beach shots so here you go . . . .
  4. I'm hampshire too we do usually do a few meets around basingstoke/hook area
  5. Looks really tidy the red ones always do, nice to see some more girls around too. ;)
  6. Looks tidy mate, we need to sort a meet out again soon and you'll have to bring it along!
  7. Hey, sounds like what mine did when it got wet . . . have you driven fast through any puddles? Any way any rain could get in? I'd say to check your plugs aren't wet before you go to a garage who start pumping money out of you. Just an idea as i had same problem with teh Glanz
  8. Great to see new traders coming along that with any luck will be solid and reliable, I think many starlet owners are hesistant after having had so many problems with companies previously. I do have a few questions and thoughts . . . What other "popular" toyota models are you looking to take on and are you not concerned It'll take away from the ethos of ukSTARLETclub? Also I can understand you always wanting to improve and get bigger and better but I personally think this website is great for exactly what it is. It isn't full of intimidating people who are constantly acting like keyboard war
  9. It has been very cold here and the day it gave up was another frozen day, I'm going to get another battery anyway as easily replaceable and i know the one in it isn't brilliant and will put it in tomo and see what happens. will update tomo
  10. Hey i'm looking for a bit of help as my glanza won't start. It began a week or so ago when i turned key it wasn't starting and turning over very slowly but when i pumped accelerator pedal it started but sometimes was starting totally fine without any problems. Yesterday it wouldn't start again i pressed accelerator and nothing and it wasn't even turning over it was just making a clicking sound. So i put jump leads on thinking it as a battery issue left them on for about 20 minutes tried several times and again it was just clicking? Anyone have any ideas because i'm stuck with no car and my fri
  11. minxy

    Dauda Caca Chavie

    It's def a gypsy/Traveller saying I've heard dordie-caka-mush but obviously very similar changed mush for chavy/
  12. minxy


    I'm really chuffed with the service from Enzo and would recommend to anyone, I was desperatley trying to find top mounts and although he didn't stock them at the time he specifically got them in for me, as most places only stock uprated not standard ones. I paid on a monday night and they arrived by 10 am wednesday and I even had an email on the tues evening to say they'd been posted! Thanks again mate, muchos appreciated!! Karen
  13. I'm currently working as a Membership Consultant in a gym. Partly qualified towards being a personal trainer looking to finish that and start my own business PT'ing! My better half works for a motor factors like somebody else said - It's great for parts for the Starbo's!
  14. I got a hello Kitt, A Donkey - which my bf bought when we first got together . . . and won a little pig at an arcade on holiday last week so thats going in soon!
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