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  1. 160mph in a type r imprezza with newage gearbox running 400 bhp up bluebell hill near maidstone
  2. just went to look into that jdmodified and got a shit load of malware thrown at me! grrrrr..... anyway have you got some interior pictures? how does the car run? is the map and all that spot on?
  3. Sumo power sell em for 20£ delivered
  4. Sounds good bud, I'd love to get me own kart but it's a pretty costly hobby and then the engine rebuilds scare the life out me, I go to buckmore park in Kent it's a pretty good track
  5. im not to sure on the price guys, if anyones genuinely interested and you think price it too high let me no, im open to reasonable offers. Probably could get my arm twisted into posting them if anyone is properly wating them.
  6. thats sweet! i have been karting today only hire kart though, i try to go at least once a month
  7. Item Condition: Good used condition Price & Conditions: £15 Item Description: Prevents dirt, mud, water, dust, and general road grit and grime enterin the engine compartment. These are usually removed after fitting a fmic however some people cut them to fit with intercooler piping. These are uncut in original condition, and can help to keep your engine bay a little tidier. Pictures: Location: Maidstone Contact Details: pm Postage & Packaging / Delivery: N/a These are a little awkward to post so collection only please
  8. Just wanna add im pissed off to see my Dyno graph is bein used in the pictures if you lOok closely is say my name and my old reg number p965lrx Not impressed by that !
  9. Sorry bud, the splash guards that stop water dirt and grime covering the underneath and rest of the engine bay. The plastic mud guards underneath engine
  10. How much are uncut good condition splash guards for a glanza worth?
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