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  1. Spotted a few at nash and magic just wondering who yall were? I was parked up in a red 200sx (s13)
  2. Sorry matt. lol can always meet up and get some pics ;) I know of a nice graffiti wall.
  3. Hey guys finally got some photos ready. My mate Andy does the photo stuff for our group. Its easier to just leave a link to them all so you can view them. Feel free to comment etc etc https://www.facebook.com/TougeDreamers
  4. I come back with knowledge phil lol. Stock manifolds are good for up rated power so no need to mess with that I'll prob just port out the inside a bit other then that it's good as I'm not after crazy hp figures ;-) Anyway a little update I planned to get some body work done soon after I got it but the guy (elderly dude) at premier autobodies had a relative pass away sadly, and since he had customers hounding about getting an mx5 done and a jag e-type I thought I'll give him some room to breathe. I gave him a month and a bit of no haste from me. Rang yesterday and he already penciled me in for
  5. My friend that had the 350z took some good pictures. They will get posted up on a FB page we run soon as he uploads them i'll get em on here.
  6. :-) pulsar GTiR, 350z, Subaru wrx, ford ka or corsa which ever he chooses (he might dyno it for the crack lol, saxo. So small veriety of cars there
  7. Won't be able to sort my exhaust/boost leak in time :/ i'll still make it tho. If they are doing discounts then sweet because I'm after a fuel pump.
  8. Thanks Yea I have actually I've been researching a bit more then usual probably too much lol few posts here and there.
  9. So I'm in two minds about getting this, but it is at a really good price for me financially atm. Also keeping in mind that the exhaust on the SX now is what I think is the original from 21 years and 6 months ago, so might be a good idea to replace it, but keep ahold of the stock one as well? It is a toyosports exhaust which I've heard stories about the manifolds but none about the exhausts. To be honest the stock SX manifold is good for up to 225-240hp I think on stage 1 (hp varies depending on health of engine), so there isn't any real need for one at this point. I have another pic but t
  10. Wondering if you have any s13 (200sx/180sx) parts my engine is ca18det. Even a price up on a custom manifold top mount?
  11. If your in Manchester I was there over the weekend for my birthday including Trafford Centre. If you recognized it recently
  12. It's premier autobodies "Jesus Christ Dom you gotta get out there I'm sick of this Sh*t... I'm not kidding DOM get out there"
  13. anyways back on topic here guys lol I just went to a mates body shop. Back of sills need attention quickly before rust gets out of hand and starts to rot through the metal, so that will be done in 2-3 weeks no cost I thought i'd get a picture of whats in the body shop atm Pretty looking Jag I remember coming in before the e-type was touched and now it looks amazing pictures don't do it justice.
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