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  1. cheers guys sad to be selling her, but just dont do the miles i should in it, think i did 30 miles last month
  2. 1998 Toyota Starlet SR 1.6 4AGEcurrently the car is running a JDM 1.6 4AGE 20v at around 170bhp, rapid little car, due to weighing next to nothing. only ever been run on super unleaded, well looked after, anything its needed has been done with as many genuine parts as i could get. had new rear wheel bearings less than 3 months ago. cambelt done less than 6 months ago. Anyone who knows of the 20v Blacktop version of the 4AGE engine will know how rare they are in this country and what an excellent engine they are. The engine was imported with the gearbox by Fensport. Spec as Follows:
  3. well due to a change of circumstances and plans, i unfortunately cant keep the car so this will be coming up for sale in the near future, if anyone is interested before i make an official advert for it drop me a message.
  4. would anyone happen to know if the centre section leading to the back boxes are the same? need a centre piece as mines been mosdified at some point and isnt repairable. thanks Dan
  5. had a play with the exhaust the other day, cut the silencer out and welded in the straight piece, didnt make it any louder either which is nice. knocks on the rear beam now though so il have to have another fiddle with the angles etc to get it all right. going to be slowing up on the build for a month or so while i get another vehicle sorted for when it comes off the road to be rebuilt.
  6. must have been chopped up at some point sadly
  7. yea haha think at some point its all been put together from loads of odd parts, still got stock cat and downpipe section on it too, il look in a minute, going to try to wire in the tacho today. any idea what colour the signal wire is?
  8. oo i see, il have a look abit later to find out, didnt realise, thought it was a brand
  9. its not a HKS system had it on the ramp at work to do some little tweeks as the exhaust is knocking like hell, back box is Jasma, centre box is a Cobra one, and then theres an unbranded one next to it so have to decide on the exhaust as to what i do. yea im going to get a cage ordered, not risking having something life changing because i was being a dick in a small car
  10. think keeping my foot in it was all that kept it on the road! as Flynn will be able to back up the islands roads are far from any good, and driving like a dick in the dark on tight b roads was kind of a stupid choice, oops.
  11. I've heard... hence why im looking at a cage safety first and all that, was very much a seat of the pants moment
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