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  1. New sensor hasn't lasted very long.. same sort of symptoms, then read fine sometimes until your at full chat where it'll hold for a second then wave goodbye and sweep to full lean - starting to doubt my mounting of it but reassured it's OK seeing how long the first sensor lasted.. new sensor time again lol Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. Cheers guys, I stuck a new sensor in yesterday and all back to normal, it's odd because it doesn't seem like a sensor issue when it reads hit and miss, learn something new everyday! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. Ok so over the last few days my wideband has been doing some crazy things, first noticed on sunday morning that upon leaving home in the morning the gauge was stuck on lean, 3 dashes, for around 15 mins of steady driving and me flicking the screen in a passive attempt to encourage it back into normality it started reading again but the readings were totally alien to me, and extremely laggy, my setup has been spot on running friendly low 11s at WOT and hovering around 14.7 cruising around. Now at WOT it'll read a dodgy 13 and then when you cruise again it'll sit around 16.5-17, and then somet
  4. As above what's out there? Ideal if wastegate included with screamer, no problem if not! Can travel no problem depending where Thanks
  5. An irrelevant survey If it's a yes I hope you had a fixed grin!
  6. After doing some research I may be at a loose end with the F-CON. No GCC or the specific 'HKS' map sensor which is said to be essential. I think it may be easier to run the emanage, I know I've got everything I need with that and it can be mapped without the headache. Has anyone any idea what the F-CON is worth? TC
  7. Thanks gainzy, if it's perfectly capable I think it'll be staying! Looks older than me lol.
  8. I was in the process of removing the FCD from the glanza, followed the loom back and discovered it's got a HKS PFC F-CON fitted. Does anyone know much about these systems and or anywhere that can map them? I bought emanage blue to go on the car that I planned on running my td04 set up with but this was a pleasant find!
  9. Exact same here lol, "what's been going on under here then". Traced all back to turbo timer and secured neatly after untangling it from 5km of aftermarket wiring. Stripped out various outlaw wiring along with unnecessary james bond gubbins, much tidier!
  10. Cheers dean, that makes everything so much clearer lol. I think you're right on the money there.
  11. Seemed to have opened a can of worms. Hopefully someone can shed some light ð What is this box and what does it do? It's spliced into the loom, plumbed into a t-piece which is going to the boost gauge. Box is blank but has an a-b switch. Many thanks in advance
  12. Thanks guys. Got it set up 0.5 bar stay on the safe side of things. Bring on the next steps. I'm glad to be back in the V I must say, I've been stuck in a daewoo matiz for a few days haha they are dangerous
  13. Update - boost issue resolved, turns out the bespoke filter was too restrictive, removed the foam and just used the mesh and we are now operating correctly! Now time to set the boost, I've read 0.6 bar is good for my circumstances - until ecu install and mapping etc. Just got the 255 pump in, waiting on 360cc injectors. Thanks again TC
  14. Thanks for the replies and help, I'll report back shortly.
  15. So over the last few days leading up to christmas I had my glanza in the garage so I could convert to TD04. Everything has gone on great, fits well, looks good, thoroughly checked over and I'm just in the stage of setting it up so I can get driving it again until I send her off for ecu and mapping. The issue I'm having is I'm not getting any boost, the turbo is spooling and chattering but there's no real pressure there, taking it on a short drive round the block there's no boost, just spooling and a quiet chatter. I've used my hks actuator and modified the bracket to suit and ran the va
  16. No problem, the glanza is a great learning curve for me regarding tuning, as it's all pretty fresh to me, likewise I know my cars but learning them is never ending. Supporting mods - boost solenoid bridge.. (someone please correct if I'm wrong) so that the factory two mode low & high boost is disabled so you run high boost only, adjustable actuator, fmic, exhaust, mines currently using an fcd but the car is coming off the road soon for td04 swap and some proper management, fuelling, mapping etc. StuDoc I agree with you on the VXR front, I have two mates with them always complaining
  17. I've been using mine daily since owning mid summer, still on the ct9 with supporting mods pushing the usual 160-170 @ 0.7 bar. Regular servicing and maintenance, I've had no bother. I think like said above it comes down to the maintenance side of things, as with most cars, and a lot of things in life lol. I think it's a great little car for daily driving.
  18. Cheers guys, not sure why the FCD is even in the mix as the car stands. I'm doing my homework..
  19. Morning all As above, I've got most the bits for td04 conversion, I have emanage blue to wire in and have mapped but would like to get the td04 up and running with the currently installed fcd, mainly so I can ensure the turbo's sound, work out re-routing fmic piping to suit and make sure it all fits/works well with manifold, ext wastegate and screamer etc. Then when alls good I can look into hooking up the emanage and taking it from there. I'll be buying a 255 pump and pressure reg to go in there, but as it stands would just like to bring the td04 to life. I'm just wondering if there's a g
  20. Great day at curborough sprint course on monday, rain was on and off but stayed away for a few hours giving the track time to dry out so I made the most of it before it got all soggy again.. Motor was spot on all day never skipped a beat, no snaps of it on track unfortunately as I was the only one there with a camera If anyone's around the west midlands area and fancies a track day it's awesome there keep an eye on the curborough fb page for dates, the tracks ideal for the glanza!
  21. Got round to fitting my catch can many thanks to whitenoize for the gear looks great. Got a couple pics of the car playing with my proper cam Only a few bits left for a td04 and taking it to the track on monday, fingers crossed it's dry this time lol. Also thanks to the great community on here for being so helpful providing spot on info. Hope everyone's enjoying their saturday Tim
  22. I need a tdo4 manifold man
  23. I'll have one available when I have my td04 up and running, only been on the car a couple of weeks
  24. Can't really make much out on the tag, had its fair share of encounters with the asphalt - I can see SR, 051 022 if this relates to anything.
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