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  1. Anyone got a guide on hop to fit it on a glanza? Easy?
  2. Yeah, basically the plug was coming away from the sensor, as soon as I touched it, it fell to bits 😂
  3. Replaced coolant temp sensor, turns out it was basically snapped. Made it alot better but still missing... Going to try coil next, are they easy to remove?
  4. Battery is new mate, so is the alternator. So it's either the coil or coolant temp sensor I'm thinking
  5. Advice please, 96 GLANZA V In mostly cold starts it misfires for about 5 seconds before running on all cylinders and never misfires again. Also when I've just parked up after driving and go to start it again it takes a little longer than usual to fire up. I was thinking coolant temp sensor maybe? All the ignition system is brand new, plugs, dizzy, rotor arm, leads. Any help would be appreciated
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