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  1. No prob. I found front fenders on a website called autodoc.eu , they sell them for about 100 euro
  2. I actually managed to take it out and yes, sadly it doesn't fit. I even had the plastic cover from a corolla, thought that maybe it would fit somehow :C
  3. Hey, don't know if you still need info, but in lithuanian the front fender is called "sparnas" or "priekinis sparnas" (priekinis means front). Hopefully it will help at least a little bit. I myself am looking for the passenger door with little success:(
  4. Thank you very much for the info! Sadly, I was unable to remove it. As I'm trying to take it out, it feels like I'm forcing it a lot and don't really want to break it. Oh well, maybe I'll find a way somehow. Sorry for taking so long to reply
  5. Hello, me and my friends recently painted my EP70's valve cover and had to remove the sticker. I was looking around on the internet but couldn't find a template anywhere. Anyway, I managed to peel off the sticker rather smoothly and scanned it. Hopefully someone finds it useful someday
  6. I just got a dashboard clock for my ep70, was wondering if there is any way to remove the plastic cover without having to remove the whole dashboard? I'm talking about this part http://imgur.com/IXSvlCX
  7. Hello, just wanted to ask what bumper lip would I be able to mount on my EP70? I read somewhere, that a Carina II lip would fit
  8. Wow, looks really nice! Are those BBS Mahle? Also, what offset is optimal?
  9. Hello everyone, new owner here. I bought a '88 Starlet EP70 a few months ago and was thinking about some new wheels. A few days ago I found a set of Ronal Kleeblats for a good price but was wondering whether the wheels will fit my car, won't they be too wide? The measurements are R13, 4x100, 6J. Thank you in advance
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