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  1. My 4efte appears in need of a rebuild passing oil under compression thru the rings drives fine etc uses minimal oil but i have big plans for this car. Im thinking a quick fix would be to buy a glanza s auto and just straight swap the motor bolt all the turbo stuff striaght to it gear box is good. I dont mind starting a long term performance rebuild. But i would like a bolt in option done in a weekend kinda thing. Also wanting to know what kind of problems am i going to encounter with a auto engine with a manual comp plugged in. Will it work if i ditch the turbo and just go 4efe just wantibg to
  2. Hi I've just bought my second glanza love it so far but the heater doesn't bloody work the pipes are gone I assume this I because they where in the way of the inter cooler piping but winters coming any pics of how that hooks up to the heater matrix would be awesome, also the knob on the inside feels like it's run electronically for the heat so if you know where that plugs up to and in that would be awesome, failing that I assume it's maybe controlled up behind the dash with some kinda actuator in there
  3. Hi I'm a new member from New Zealand on my second glanza now figured this time round I'll join a group as I intend to keep this one for a long time.
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