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  1. Just thought i'd update anyone else searching for this.. m24 x 1.5 is the thread size. Seal with a copper washer and locitie 577. pictures below
  2. Hi all, I've been told that the sump on an EP82 is threaded. i'm running an AN10 line for my return and was wondering if any knew the thread size and pitch of the sump? Thanks!
  3. Some great Info here Tim thanks!
  4. Any one ever measure how my AMPS the starter needs on a cold start? Thanks
  5. Hi, after a livesport from splitter for my ep82 possibly the B one PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks Dan!
  6. Can you still get these parts? Thanks
  7. I’ve just fitted LED head lights to my MK3 they wernt so good but what do you expect for £15
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