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  1. Ideal thank you did you modify your original seat base/ runner
  2. Hello everyone I have been offered Sparco Evo with the side mounts has anybody put one of these in there car the widest part of the seat is about 24inchs I also have access to a welder. To Modify the seat rails
  3. Conrad1998


    Hello everyone I went out to my car today. I have no lights coming up on the dash No indicators No stereo No cigarette lighter No wipers or water I have checked the fuses but I can't seem to see any blown ones there is what looks like a relay that has blown to bits could it be that
  4. Hello everyone. Over this lockdown period I have been out playing with the starlet that I have recently purchased. I am wanting to do something a bit different. I have already relined the door cards and parcel shelf in Hessian I am now thinking about taking out the dash to repaint it in and old school brown. Any tips on how to remove the dash would be great. 😁 I know how to remove the panel under the steering wheel & the glove box Cheers guys
  5. Have you still got the photos as there saying currently unavailable
  6. Thank you verry much do you know where I can find that
  7. So I have recently got my self a Toyota starlet1.3 cd 5dr I'm wanting to lower it and have a bit stiffer suspension BC coilovers are out of budget do polo/ Corsa bs fit
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