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  1. But what happens if you just leave that hose open? And not block it with a screw?
  2. Hey guys, im a noobie owner of a 98 glanza v. I've just removed the airbox from the turbo(tuebo mouth is now exposed). Now there's that one hose you normally bypass the hi low boost solonoid. Now with the turbo plumming removed can i just leave it open or must i block it off? I hope someone can help me.
  3. Can you post a picture? I have removed the airfilter box from my glanza v(turbo is fully open) now the only line left hanging is the tube you bypass the solonoid with. Do i need to just leave it so or must i block it off?
  4. Hey guys, i've just converted my 1998 Glanza V from auto to manual....with same auto ecu and harness. I bridged the plug pins to start it up. Now my issue is that it won't rev up when i let the clutch go. It'll just die.... and my key won't come out of the ignition. Had to lock the key in the car(good thing i have a spare) if anyone can help pls lmk
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