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  1. as above need manifold-turbo gasket turbo-cat gasket cat-exhaust gasket gearbox mount bolt coolant temp sensor ep82 oil return feed all i can think of at the minute
  2. As above bought a ct9 that hasn't been used in the last year is there such thing as bleeding a turbo in?
  3. As above I've a 4efte glanza engine waiting to be dropped into a gt starlet shell have searched for info but not fully certain on what's needed to be compatible with gt loom,would I be right in saying I need a thermostat housing and coolant temp sensor from a gt engine to make this work? Anything else needed??
  4. what price would postage be to ireland on the front mount, im interested thanks
  5. It's a glanza engine going into a starlet gt, tried connecting the 4efte engine loom to the 4efe most connectors clip on have some spare only thing I noticed was I cannot connect up the dizzy of course because of the turbo one has a external coil pack? And the na has a internal?? Could I use the turbo dizzy on the 4efe and use the external coil pack with king lead
  6. as above have this car a while now and is left sitting out the back, i need to get it running lol i bought the ep82 gt as a rolling shell i had a soleil starlet for breaking so was going to use the running gear i took the engine,box,engine loom and ecu from the car and scrapped it fitted the engine and box along with the ecu and loom, the connections oviously fitted into the ecu when i brought them into the bulk head but when i ran them into the bulk head from the fusebox side(total of 3 connectors) 2 of them connected up(white and blue connectors) to the ep82 turbo loom while the 3rd connect
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