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  1. yeh the 6x9s are running straight off my head unit i did try them amped but there way to basey i wana be able to here the words aswell! the sub is an active so the amps bilt in!
  2. Have just finished this afternoon what you gyes think? i have fiberglassed the screen into the centre consol and have made a fulse floor for the boot and carpeted it. and the active vibe gives just the right amount of base and not too much weight.
  3. i shell be there this time aslong as all goes to plan!
  4. nice and tidy and lovin the wheels
  5. getting closer anyone joining us at rownams? if not were guna go up the A3 instead of the M3 as its easyer so we need to know!
  6. i would also be interested!
  7. im 17 and dont even bother asking bout insurance!
  8. meeting at rownams services east bound (oposite side to where the starlet meets have been held) leaving at a stupidly early 5.30am!!! (ive been told there is a 5.30 in the mornin aswell!) to be a the thurrok services for just befor 7. if others wana join in along the way we shell be going up the m3 untill wee meet the m25 round to the thurrok services so let us know and we shell join up along the way!
  9. yeh i no i was just tryin to see who else was goin from down south and i was thinkin we cud meet with others on the way! should make it more of a fun trip!
  10. is anyone organisin a convoy to santa pod from the southern region?
  11. leon


    thanks where did you atach the harnesses to in the back!? and did you still have rear seats thanks?
  12. very nice specialy the new wheels!!
  13. any peoples convoying from the south coast? portsmouth area?
  14. leon


    cool i cudnt see a problem because the wholes are there and all, just wonderd if anyone had done it!?
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