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  1. I spotted you as I was leaving Ikea, noticed your ukso sticker so caught up with you side by side and tooted the horn, haven't seen another starlet for ages! Hello!
  2. Hi fellow starlet owners. I've owned my glanza for 11 years. It currently has a decat in, but as my exhaust needs doing i was wondering whether there will be a major difference if i remove the decat and install back the original cat.....too risky these days right with a decat? my car is running stock by the way.
  3. Just drove pass you again just pass the macdonald roundabout in bracknell lol. There was a massive meet in asda car park tonight in Farnborough :-)
  4. My standard glanza i can get about 250-300 miles out of a tank.
  5. Nice, looked clean and shiney when i saw it zoom pass :-) any photos on your car on here?
  6. Wasnt sure if it did have a black bonnet as i looked up and saw it go pass last night near macdonalds.
  7. Just saw a clean white n/a i think go pass in bracknell, think it had polished lip rims and black bonnet, couldn't quite see as it went by so quickly. Anyone on here?
  8. Because i don't wanna spend 135 on a sports wickedep cat and not pass, might consider putting the standard back in.....
  9. So does anyone know if the wickedEP sports cat will pass UK MOT?
  10. I recently moved here, been here 5 months now, seen a black glanza once :-)
  11. Yeah i found out who that white glanza belong to on Facebook. Yes i bought my seats off a friend that had a glanza many years ago, the rails had to be customised to make it fit. So you attend reading jap meets? Should try get a local starlet meet to reading jap meet lol
  12. Really?! i didn't stay long enough to see more Starlets :-( aww thank you, haven't seen any photos of my car though lol neither of my brothers S3 with white rims. What did you drive?
  13. Here are the only few starlets that were at the Southern Culture Modified meet last night, sorry not good quality as only on my phone camera.
  14. Saw yours too, loving the purple bits on the car very clean example of a glanza yours is, do you know the other white glanza there? The GT parked next to you was tidy too.
  15. OOo i like purple ok what time does it normally start by the way?
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