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  1. What time bro? Might have been me
  2. Thatl be me 👋🏼 They're fibreglass too unfortunately 😩😂 lol
  3. Bump it's off the car ATM just had exhaust housing flange skimmed
  4. Bump still here loads of interest but no ones bought them yet
  5. Manifold and downpipe prov sold turbo and wastegate still here
  6. Bump need these shifted Bump need these shifted
  7. Bump these are still here couple people interested nothing set in stone tho
  8. Yes mate I will indeed may make selling the kit easier
  9. VF34 buddy, yes but had some little issues so had map it safe until i sorted them never bothered getting mapped again on the turbo now i want to change things up abit lol turbo will make good power with supporting mods tho people have seen just over 300bhp at 1.6bar
  10. Item For Sale: Denso 460cc Injectors Item Condition & Description: I never used them but came off a glanza running 300bhp comfortably with no issues so i know they work. Price: £90 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal £10 postage or collection from Southend Essex
  11. Item For Sale: Vf34 Turbo. Item Condition & Description: Used in perfect working order. Price: £350 for VF34 Turbo welded closed on actuator rod so could grind off and change to internal gate Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or Cash on collection, Shipping will be around the £30 mark due to weight.
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