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  1. Spec stage 4 paddle clutch - £300 430cc yellow injectors td - £150 Polished fuel rail £30 Intercooler setup modification required to fit - £150 Magnecor blue ht leads £50 Triple core civic radiator and black roose motorsport hoses £120 GFB boost controller £150 Polished fuel rail and adjustable fuel pressure regulator - £75 powersteering pump - £25 4efte throttle body - £20 gt centre console - £15 Gt turbo glow dials - £100 Depo oil temp, oil pressure and water temp gauges, 9months old - £150
  2. Il let you know man let me get some interested in the engine first
  3. Fully forged 5e - provisionally sold Rocker cover, catch tank and lines - provisionally sold 5e conversion flywheel - £150 Spec stage 4 competition clutch 1800 miles - £300 430cc yellow injectors td - £150 Polished fuel rail and adjustable fuel pressure regulator - £75 Polished inlet manifold and throttle body - Sold WEPR forward facing stainless manifold kit, tial wastegate, downpipe modified to suit 2.5inch v-band, brand new hybrid td04 turbo, braided oil and water lines - Provisionally sold Intercooler setup to suit above turbo kit, modification requi
  4. kbond

    WANTED: Wastegate

    I’m after a v-band wastegate for a mate of mine pm me cheers
  5. I'm after a hybrid td04 message me if you have anything
  6. Not got a sunroof man Thanks anyway
  7. Got some livesport reps will need some repair work
  8. Is there any difference in weight?
  9. I'm after a roll cage for my gt Let me know what you have
  10. Cheers Marc 👍🏼I love the new look of the teg with the wing and skirts
  11. Depends what you want to do with the car All I use my gt for now is track and I don't feel like I need more power, just abit more chassis adjustment and il be happy
  12. Hi bud Still a tf Haven't updated for a while so will do that when I get some time
  13. yeah that was me Marc would have come said hello but had to shoot back to work I'm out at 10.00 but may see if they have any 12.15 left
  14. Who's out and at what time?
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