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  1. Drop me a pm Buddy I may be able to help
  2. Cheers for the bump fella but I think this ones going to big scrapyard in the sky
  3. funny you cant even give away a glanza these days...
  4. Year:1996 Model:Glanza v Tax:n/a MOT:N/a Mileage:78,000 Description: was a cat c about 10 years ago still has steering rack and rear beam and a few other bits. Will need collecting over Christmas holidays or its being scrapped. Will need to be trailored away for obvious reason Comes with full log book Please only message me if your willing and able to collect I'm not willing to arrange anything. Price: totally free Pictures: Contact Details:pm me
  5. russ78

    Help please !!!

    Caliper was used accross toyota models ie corolla, celica, and aw11 mr2 Pads are weird though... Not seen those before can you get me a pic of the carrier bracket. Pm me if its easier
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