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  1. Hi Guys, Can anyone help me identify this diff. Came out of my n/a gearbox so is 6 bolt. It seems to be 1 way. Doesnt look like Kaaz or Cusco. Im trying to get a rebuild kit for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I've heard about using a transit connect ARB on the rear of starlets. Has anyone got any pics or info on which drop links to use and where to mount them?
  3. Does anyone know if I need a 'seal on block' or 'seal in pump' type oil pump for a 5E engine?
  4. Ok I have found the problem. And yes I am an idiot lol. This bolt was left out of the box. I cant get it in now because whatever it screws into inside the gearbox doesn’t line up. Does anyone know how I can get it fitted with the box in the car? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Im having a problem selecting reverse. It grinds a lot. I have just changed the gearbox, including the fork and release bearing. The clutch seemed in good condition when I had the box out. It’s a lot worse now with the new gearbox. It can barely get it into reverse. The forward gears are all fine. Has anyone any ideas what the problem could be? Can the clutch pedal be adjusted? by the way, its an n/a EP82
  6. I'll take the D1 Spec carbon shifter. PM me the payment details
  7. I thought the button would turn it into a full blown drift car. You mean it won't? Thanks for your that insight, it's basically a fly off handbrake. Needed for a targa rally car
  8. Does anyone know anywhere selling these for starlets (FWD)? http://www.driftworks.com/spin-turn-handbrake-button-ae86-rx7.html#reviews
  9. Anyone? I spoke to Bilstein this morning. they reckon Glanzas had struts with screw off tops to take inserts. Anyone know if this is correct?
  10. I'm looking for Glanza standard front struts. The type with screw off tops that can take replacement inserts.
  11. Has anyone ever fitted them? Do standard EP91 shocks have a screw off top?
  12. dwd


    Ive been having issues with my n/a 4EFE bogging down at low revs. I tried to calibrate the TPS but the switching point seemed to keep changing making it impossible to set correctly so I guess it is faulty. I have been looking for a new one and notice the later model n/a have a fixed non adjustable one. Could that be used on my car?
  13. That's interesting. Any idea what model starlet is compatible?
  14. Guys, This a bit of a strange request. Im looking for some springs (standard type, not coilovers) that are stiffer than standard (approx. 180 lbs) but are standard height (or close). This is for motorsport reasons with restrictive regulations. Before I go to the expense of getting springs made, does anyone have any ideas? Maybe cynos ones or somethings? Anyone know if there any options out there?
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