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  1. It's Critic not Citric haha ;) Welcome finally to the forum, take a look around mate, you will find loads of info on here and people are always happy to help.
  2. Critic

    Head wanted

    Hey guys, I no longer have the car but I'll pass on the person who does as he is after a head. http://www.ukstarletowners.com/user/12794-glanzav/ Contact him, cheers!
  3. Critic

    Head wanted

    Due to mine being cracked, I need a new head. Anyone?
  4. I give her a wash before ready for tonight. Also the side looks like a different colour, its just because of the house reflection.
  5. I've been offered £2350, once I hear back from this person I'll let you know.
  6. By the way, this was only advertised on here until just last night and I've just been offered £2350 which I've accepted. So hopefully it will go through and I can move on to my next project.
  7. I can't either. I can only guess that the head is putting people off. :/ And thanks haha...
  8. I will take £2200 this weekend.
  9. Yeah that's fine. What time would you being heading up for?
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