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CT9 Ram kit fitting guide

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hi guys..

here are some simple steps to fitting our NON-Stock location CT9 ram kit.

Down pipe/De-cat:

the decat supplied with the kit is stock location. it will fit any cat back on the market. if your exhaust fits stock decat. then it will directly bolt up to the decat supplied with this kit.

Compressor housing/ Intake pipe:

one of the main advantages of using external waste gate is so you can clock compressor housing to point towards the floor. this drastically reduces the hot pipe length to the FMIC resulting in better boost response. clocking the housing is not absolutely required as you can get regular ct9 piping to fit with some modification (see pic below). How ever it is recommended as it will improve the overall performance of your set up.

stock restrictive EFI intake piping cannot be used. custom front exit intake pipe will need to be customized/fabricated (see pic below). new high flow intake will greatly improve your turbos breath-ability thus adding to your set up's over all performance.


Oil line:

new oil line is supplied with the kit as the turbo's position from stock location has been shifted. how ever in order to fit new oil line, you have to...

1.rotate center cartridge till oil return flange sits parallel to the floor.

2.once this is done, both sump and and block end will line up.

3. oil return is designed to fit stock rubber elbow at the sump end. if using a silicone 90deg bend, make sure you trim is down to similar size. if not it may not fit properly.





Water line modification:

you can either not use the water lines..or plumb them up. if using water lines...

1. trim down stock metal lines

2. use rubber hoses/clips to connect the lines to thermostat housing

3. adjust length of hoses as needed for clearance with screamer pipe (if using external waste gate)







our kit is designed to fit STOCK radiator/fan.

however some prefer to use half size civic radiators. if using civic radiator, then you'd need to shift bottom radiator port to the opposite side. this is something that needs to be done regardless when using a civic radiator because the lower radiator hose cannot be fitted without hyper extended it. fitting it this way causes the lower hose to be crimped thus affecting cooling. so this step needs to be followed if installing a civic radiator regardless of the manifold/turbo kit you are fitting.

some pics from RobSR's build page.



If you guys have any questions...Just PM me and i'd be happy to assist you with whatever!


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