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CT9 to TD04 conversion WEPR Kit

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Hi Sacha,

You may remember I bought a MS TD04 EWG kit from you last year and now getting around to the time to fit it and have had several quotes saying it'll take a long time to convert my CT9 machine to TD04. Along with a Civic rad, I plan other mods.

How much time am I looking at in total - with a little more for mistakes or rusty bolts - and is there a plan for a TD04 fitting guide like you did for the CT9 ramhorn guys last week or so?



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hi barney,

i dont really have a fitting guide for td04 fitment mate. i think you got the ram style manifold kit yet? if so civic radiator is not required though (although fitting one will free up a lot of space). if using a civic radiator, make sure you get the radiator port shifted to the correct side. apart from our manifold combo which you already have...you'd need...

td04 turbo/gaskets/nuts-bolts

oil-water lines

have to mod existing fmic hot pipe to suit td04 turbo

intake pipe

both intake/fmic hot pipe mods are easy enough to do by using silicone hoses/bends. the rest of the stuff would just be a matter of installation after you remove all your ct9 bits mate. i would say for the average person (providing you have all the bits ready to go in)...may take 8-12 hours..hard to say. it may take longer for someone working from home as opposed to us installing something like this at our workshop where we have access to all tools and bits etc. really hard to estimate a accurate time frame really barney..

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