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How long are your gearboxes lasting?

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Hi I'm looking at buying my 4th glanza after 8 years without one.

I am looking at getting a high powered one 270bhp+ because I'm 30 now even at this power insurance is cheap all mods declared.

My question is how long are your gearboxes actually lasting at this sort of power? I have noticed gearboxes are a lot more expensive then they user to be due to them getting rarer. Last thing I want is to be swapping the gearbox every other month.



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280bhp. Very few people have had failures.

Failures come when you start to run over 300bhp+.

Its always 3rd gear. At that power level you can spin the wheels psychically coming on to boost and when it starts to bite traction is when the stress comes and you'll strip it.

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I'm unsure of the power output as I road/track tune and haven't been on the dyno yet, but my current gearbox has lasted 3 seasons of drag racing and a couple of circuit events (and some road driving) without any issues so far. Using 2nd gear to launch I'm consistently running 11.8 to 11.9 @ 120 to 121mph quarter mile times on 2.0-2.2 60fts. I currently use Redline lightweight shockproof oil but will likely swap to Penrite for next season. As per Socks comment, in third gear on street rubber it will haze the wheels as power comes on and chirp the wheels in 4th. The sudden load/unload/load will do it.

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Good gearbox oil helps, I use Motul gear300 75w90.

I observed this problem as you guys mention it's the sudden grip after wheelspin that will destroy the gearbox on high hp Starlet. So outright power that is delivered smoother without breaking traction and the gearbox can take way more. I setup boost by gear to eliminate breaking traction, it was all trial and error setting it up, but thought it might give the gearbox mechanical sympathy.

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