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  1. Could be a chunk of something has got into the diff ring gear. Ive had that before. Locked it up good.
  2. I use 4r7s when wiring up customers cars. 1.2ohm are too low, usually need to be at least up over at 6-7ohms total to not burn out injector drives. What ecu are you using? They usual state what resistance they will operate at.
  3. You really need to check the waveform with an oscilloscope.
  4. Hey dude, There isn't any voltage supplied to the 4 pin distributor plug, there are reluctor pick ups on the triggers inside that create voltage back to the ecu in a wave form. Cranking and idle its common to have somewhere around 0.5v and at peak rpm somewhere up around 6v.
  5. This thing is great! Any more progress? Picked up a Levin Hatch myself recently, its off to paint soon too
  6. Good to see you are still playing with this thing mate!
  7. As above, yes they do. Nice three wire unit so can adjust both above and below set idle. They respond very well in my experience and are physically quite small.
  8. Even the factory 20v 4age unit can be made to work very nicely.
  9. No major EP71 news to report other than Ive bought some stainless 3 inch bends and straight to make a bigger exhaust. AE86 has been taking any available time, engine is almost ready to go back in.
  10. Have you got the throttle body air and water lines around the right way? They usually run rough as shit if they are wrong.
  11. Sure is! Im super stoked I got hold of it. Trying to get the engine back in this week but running out of time with a few other things on. Will update when its done.
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