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  1. I was hoping that wasn't the issue! I have a 4EFTE head I can use but was just wondering if I could do it without having to do that but it seems I will have to. Thanks for the confirmation mate Do you know if the crank signal is different on the DIS compared to normal 5E ? I have read somewhere about this but I couldn't find much information since the tercel forums are gone
  2. Hi guys I have a EP82 currently running a stock 4EFTE etc. I have done a 5E swap before no issues as it was an earlier model 5E with a distributor running the 4EFTE ecu with some small modifications to the wiring. I have recently acquired a DIS model that runs no distributor and was wondering if it would be possible to do the same thing ? I am not 100% sure if I could put the distributor from the 4EFTE onto the 5E as it seems there is no provision to bolt it all up. For anyone that has done a 5E turbo build (retaining the 5E head with no distri
  3. Been looking around on the web and finding it difficult to find this. I noticed there's a few old links which are all dead to PDF's. Does anyone have a 4efte ep82 and paseo 5efe workshop manual ? If so could someone please PM me? Thanks !
  4. Toda's FW is 4.1kg for those wondering. G'luck mate.
  5. Interested in posting to Australia ?
  6. Very far from 'epic', thought I'd chuck this one up of my EP82 that I took in the mountains here in Melbourne, Australia: http://i3.minus.com/ibzYxtThrB36oC.jpg
  7. I'm from Aus and there's a seller from Malta on Ebay but they never reply to me (have been sending them emails for the past 2 weeks regarding postage and just gave up). Anyone know where else I can buy them from ? Thanks
  8. tiksie

    Oil temp sensor

    Any updates on the thread size ? I'm wanting to run my oil temp sensor off this port.
  9. I'm looking into purchasing a seat for myself and basically want peoples experiences in seats that they own or have sat in. Please use the following template: Please only give input on genuine seats.
  10. Anyone know what parts are interchangable with the EP82 ? I need rack ends, tie rods and steering rack bushings. Not sure if the corollas are the same or not RE bushings and what not.. Would be good to get confirmation before I go out and order stuff as I need them ASAP, being in Australia doesn't make it that easy for me to find them locally for the EP82, but other Toyotas have heaps of support Thanks!
  11. Do you have the bushings and collars for the steering rack ?
  12. As per title I'm after the following items: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-SHIFTER-BASE-BUSHINGS-KIT-mr2-tercel-celica-matrix-corolla-starlet-scion-/251208011767?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3AStarlet&hash=item3a7d2a0ff7&_uhb=1 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-BRASS-SHIFTER-CABLE-BUSHINGS-mr2-tercel-celica-/260696426922?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3AStarlet&hash=item3cb2b7c9aa&_uhb=1 Provided links rather than trying to explain it. I've looked around to buy them brand new but can't find anywhere besides those
  13. Hey mate Did you have any images of where you installed the washers and greased up ? I'm yet to sort out my issue of not being able to get into 5th and reverse, but it seems my selector won't go side to side, just to the left and only a tiny bit to the right which I think is to do with linkages. Pics would be awesome! Thanks
  14. Thanks for that mate, will do a run down as soon as I can !
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