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  1. Dc2 would be great fun in the twisties but on the motorway a 6th gear wouldn’t go a miss. Either a dc2 or dc5 would be a good shout.
  2. I did Switzerland last year in an ep3 not that amazing but was quick enough for some fun. Sounds mental in the mountains and was reliable. Fuel wasn’t to bad not as bad as what you mentioned above they will drink fuel lol. 6th gear all the way til I hit the mountains hahaha!!
  3. Haha i just sold my eg civic. I'm not in the position to get another car just yet. I have a 6 month old girl now so it's on hold until we move house ;) it's on the cards though mate.
  4. Will I knew you would want another!!! As you know I sold mine years ago I miss it all the time and keep thinking buy another. If u have somewhere to keep it and have it as a second car it's much more sensible as you can have fun on a weekend for a few hours when weathers good. Least u will look forward to driving it more. Where using as a daily would get a bit boring after a while. Go for it dude and come take me out for a spin hahahah
  5. I also owned this car very well looked after. Wish i could afford to buy it back.
  6. I wasnt trying to put people off. Its an amazing car and i still bought it and never missed a beat such a clean car. It had a new bumper , radiator , wing , headlight i had the receipt for it. All fixed properley. Just wanted to make people aware BUT DO NOT BE PUT OFF! Its a fantastic car and well cared for
  7. Year:2003 Model: Ep3 Tax: MOT: End Of Aug Mileage:87,000 Description: Here i have for sale my Ep3 pre face lift model. The car has done Just under 87,000 Miles and has been well looked after. The car is standard other than lowering springs I'm looking at maybe a part x or swap for a GT Turbo. Anybody that knows me or has seen any of my cars including my starlets know i look after them and are always well maintained any questions please pm me thanks 2003 87,000 FSH Mot Until end of august Bad points 2 Dints in drivers door Tear in drivers seat Price: £2850 Pictures: IMG_8923 by Untitled4 by [url=https://flic.kr/p/EXNtpg] Contact Details:
  8. I owned this for a while also very good car never let me down. This is also a cat d
  9. Small Update...... Got my hubs out today to strip down had to use some rust off spray but worked a treat. The bearings are shot so i will have to buy new ones but at least imanaged to get them un seized now i can refurb the calipers & buy some new front and rear discs. I have managed to bag me a carbon bonnet for a steal , it is damaged but i have a friend who said it's repairable but tbh if i can get it smooth i will just paint it as i'm not fussed about the carbon look i just wanted lightweight. Gonna crack on tomorrow and try get the sound deadening out I've done other little bits but i will keep you lot updated
  10. You can pick s2000's up cheap now there fun cars
  11. Done little bit more work not many photos though as i forgot to take any but basically the engine is now out and i have a nice empty bay. Been collecting a few more parts recently Still along way away but at least there is some progress. I have purchased some nice wheels that i have rattle canned for the time being to see what they looked liked what u think?? Enjoy
  12. thats my cousins old gt he bought the front lights from me thats why they were black looked good i thought
  13. Cheers Will let me make bit more progress first lol then come up and have a look
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