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Bettering the forum and the scotland section

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Hi guys just a msg to see if anyone from Scotland is still using this section. Just thought I would put a wee bit of input in after reading the post the other day on Facebook about what we could do to better the forum and this section as I have noticed my self that I have been doing exactly the same as they are talking about. Going straight on Facebook rather than the forum. This is actually the first time av posted in about a year. Looking at the Scottish quarter to and the last post was from my good friend shaunF and that was in July 2016 ha.

What could be done to better this section to as there is quite a lot of starlets in Scotland and we arnt the closest to most of the guys down south for a starlet meet. I would like to get a Scottish starlet meet setup or even a meet and drive and if it were to be good we could even maybe get some of the boys from down south to meet us in the middle for one big meet even once a year. I have always wanted to do a cars n coffee meet were u meet up early in the morning and get a chat/catch up and then go a planed route for a drive.

Just trying to get some input as I feel like no one wants to travel in there car to anything any more.

What's your input guys?

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On 7/24/2017 at 6:39 PM, mark1991 said:

I'm from Aberdeenshire, definitely need to get something going the starlet scene is dead here

Agreed, there really isn't anything for the starlets up this way at all.

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